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Mediation is a voluntary settlement process where parties work together to find solutions which work best for them. Everybody’s life is different, finding solutions and agreements that work for each individual can be difficult but can be more effective and more inexpensive than litigation. At its core, mediation is a without prejudice meeting wherein the. Read More

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Collaborative Family Law

COLLABORATIVE FAMILY LAW Keep the power of your decisions in your own hands. Often in the court process the power of decision making can be taken away from people. Collaborative Family Law looks to help parties reach solutions that effectively satisfy their interests and allow them to choose how they want to move forward in. Read More

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Spousal Support

Spousal support is an important part of a divorce, and is not automatically considered by the courts. The Kurie Queck family law team has experience in handling spousal support issues, and can help you consider different strategies to create support solutions that realize the your financial needs. Many spousal support recipients are concerned about whether. Read More

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Separation Agreements

Separation Agreements are formal, legal documents setting out final or temporary (interim) agreement by the parties pertaining to all legal issues arising from their separation, these include: Arrangements relating to children; Financial support; Settlement of the spouses’ property claims; and Possession of the parties’ matrimonial home. Final separation agreements also typically include additional provisions whereby. Read More

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Pre-Nuptual Agreements

A Prenuptial Agreement or Marriage Contract usually deals with what will happen to property and other interests should there be a breakdown in a relationship. It can also deal with how these things will be handled during the marriage. A Prenuptial Agreement is usually made prior to couples marrying. Prenuptial Agreements typically are considered for. Read More

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Maritial & Cohabitation Proceedings

The law in Alberta distinguishes between rights for married couples and the rights of cohabiting/common-law couples. Whether you are married or cohabiting, Kurie Queck LLP has the knowledgeable expertise to advise you of your rights. If you have more questions or would like to find out more, arrange a consultation with one of our family. Read More

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Family Property

The division of family property can be a complex process. Marital property is defined broadly, and can include the following forms of property: Money in joint bank accounts; Family businesses; The matrimonial home; The family farm; or Even investments, including RRSPs. Kurie Queck’s family law team understands that one of your primary concerns is to. Read More

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Separation and divorce is difficult, but you have rights and we will fight for them. It is often difficult to focus on moving forward, and making fundamental transitions in your life during these situations can be a challenge. Whether you’re worried about the division of family property, custody over children, or any other issue during. Read More

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Child Support

Our family lawyers at Kurie Queck offer a great deal of knowledge when resolving child support transfer issues with your former spouse or partner. Child support can be a stressful part of a divorce or separation, and one of the most common fears about child support is that one parent will be required to pay. Read More

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Child Custody & Visitation

Disputes regarding childcare and visitation are often the most intense and contentious issues a family faces during a separation or divorce. Every parent wants to maintain a positive relationship with their child and the threat of hurting that relationship is often what fuels venomous and lengthy custody battles. When it comes to your children, you. Read More